Soil Ecologist Awards


Soil Ecology Society Colleagues, I’m excited to announce the 2015 Soil Ecology Society Awards:

Career Achievement Award: Josh Schimel

Early Career Award, Jenny Talbot

Service Award, Sherri Morris

Come to the SES meeting where award winners will be given keynote-type talks!

Early Career Research Award. This award recognizes an early career soil ecologist within 5 years of their PhD who has begun making, and shows exceptional promise to continue making, outstanding research contributions to the broad field of soil ecology.

Service Award. This award recognizes a soil ecologist who has demonstrated outstanding and sustained service to SES, the broader scientific community/and or the public at large.

Career Achievement Award. This special award honors a long-term member of SES who has made enduring and outstanding contributions to scientific advancement, student mentoring, and service in the field of soil ecology.


Stuart Grandy

Associate Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

University of New Hampshire

President, Soil Ecology Society