2013 Meeting

The 2013 Soil Ecology Society meeting: Biodiversity and Function in Soil
June 11-14, 2013
Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

Local organizing committee: John Dighton, Dennis Gray, Samantha Chapman, and Jennifer Krumins.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Feng Hu, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China

SES 2013 Student Awards

Oral Presentation

First Prize: Salla Selonen, University of Helsinki, Lahti, Finland

Joint Second Prize: Christopher Fernandez, Pennsylvania State University

Thea Whitman, Cornell University, Ithaca

Poster Presentation

First Prize: Chelsey Tellez, Arizona State University

Second Prize: George, Hamaoui Jr, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Parkinson Travel Award Recipients

Ma Chao

Caley Gasch

Bridget Hilbig

Katerina Jandova

Zhengyang Wang

Thea Whitman

Kristin Williams

Karl Wyant


President Elect: Matt Wallenstein, Colorado State University

Secretary: Becky Ball, Arizona State University

Treasurer: Jeff Smith, USDA, Washington State University (re-elected)

Graduate Student Member: Amanda Daly, University of New Hampshire

SES 2013 Business Meeting Minutes

SES program

SES Oral abstracts

SES Poster abstracts